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Highmark Kennel/Kitty City

10210 Circle Drive.Austin, Texas  78736


For those pets that enjoy the water, Highmark offers daily swimming in our full-size swimming pool.

 We offer indoor runs and runs with outdoor access. All runs are climate controlled with A/C and heating.

We have very large indoor runs with outdoor access that are 25' long x 4' wide x 6' tall.

 These runs are large enough to comfortably accommodate three pets in a family.

In addition, we have slightly smaller runs that are 15' long x 4' wide x 6' tall. For those guests who require extra security, we have plenty of runs with secure tops as well as enclosed outdoor exercise pens.

Highmark Kennel offers indoor/outdoor runs

for big and small dogs, with plenty of playtime and personal care.

Boarding your cat...

Boarding your dog...

Price Ranges:

$45 per night for First Dog

$30 per night for Second Dog (same family, same run)

$23 per night for Third Dog (same family, same run)

$23 per night for cats (see Kitty City for more details)

$25 a day for doggie daycare

$10 per dog per session for additional play time, nature walks, evening walks and pool time

$5 per day surcharge for holidays

(Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, July 4th,)

* Required and Non-Refundable Holiday Deposits 

* Customers are charged for Sunday Courtesy Pick Up

* No extra charge for medications, except for medication given by injection 

* Additional charge for specially prepared foods

* Discounts of 10% is given for pets who stay fourteen nights or longer

* Discounts ARE NOT combined

* Discounts are applied for boarding rates only

* Highmark Kennel is no longer accepting any new Pitt Bull or Pitt Bull Mixes 

* Highmark Kennel will not accept dogs that show aggression towards dogs or people

Price Ranges:

All pets are exercised at least three times daily in very large spacious exercise area.

Each pet is served breakfast and dinner with a high quality premium grade food.

For those picky eaters, home cooked rice is added to their food.

 We also serve any special diets or specially prepared foods provided for those who request.

Highmark... a facility offering constant care and attention with the owners living onsite.


Highmark's Kitty City provides a relaxing home environment for its feline guests, complete with beautiful views of the outdoors, comfortable furniture to lounge on, scratching posts and plush bedding. 

Cat Boarding rates are $23 per night. Our guests are fed twice daily and additional services are available such as extra attention or administering medications.


All Dogs must be current on all vaccinations and dogs must have received a Bordetella (Kennel Cough) , Rabies, and parvo-distemper vaccinations within the last 12 months.

We are able to provide a Bordatella vaccination, but we encourage them to be vaccinated before their arrival.


Cats must have all vaccinations (FVRCVP), and Rabies up to date and current before their arrival.


Our Austin environment is a haven for fleas and ticks and we are very particular about our guests.

Pre-entry exams are performed upon arrival. Any sign of infestation will be treated at the owners expense.

Highmark also offers additional playtimes, nature hikes, night walks and, for those guests who love the water, daily swims in our built-in pool. All of our boarders are exercised three times a day and fed twice a day.

Highmark also offers daycare for guests who enjoy socializing while their owners are working or traveling for the day.

Highmark... a facility offering constant care and attention with the owners living onsite. 

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