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Highmark Kennel/Kitty City

10210 Circle Drive. Austin, Texas  78736


Feline Boarding Austin TX Kitty City

Highmark is the home of

Kitty City,

a full service boarding facility for our feline friends.

Highmark Kennel is a  family owned boarding/grooming  facility situated on four acres, bordering the beautiful Texas hill country of southwest Austin. 

Highmark offers spacious accommodations for dogs, with plenty of exercise and fresh air.


Highmark is a full service facility with grooming, obedience training, pet products, swimming pool, novelties, and a knowledgeable staff.

Highmark's Kitty City provides a relaxing home environment for its feline guests, complete with beautiful views of the outdoors and plush bedding.




Austin Texas Grooming and Boarding
Grooming Austin TX Highmark Kennel
Kitty City Austin TX Highmark Kennel
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